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King of Kins 2 - Jigsaw Puzzle

King of Kins 2 - Jigsaw Puzzle

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🧩 The Final Piece! 🧩

The puzzle is complete, local artist and skateboarder Sammie Ngwenya brings her project ‘King of Kings 2’ to a close with this amazing 1000 piece puzzle.

This is a perfect gift for winter season, with the nights drawing in and the rainy weather what better way than to test your brain power with this incredible puzzle. Looking to put the phone down for a few hours and reduce your screen time?  Jigsaw puzzles are a great way of unwinding and having some fun either alone, with friends or even with your young ones.

What’s more you get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve supported a local artist to continue doing what they love with your purchase.  We have limited stock available now at the modest price of £34.99. Countless hours of fun, teamwork and problem solving to keep you occupied this winter 🔥🔥

Be sure to check out @szn_gallery on instagram for more superb works of art from Sammie 🎨

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