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A Message from Moose

Yo Yo Yo,

Thanks for checking out Moose online. I hope you find something you like. We're proud to be at the heartbeat of the skate scene here in Dorset, England. I want to let you know that every purchase helps our scene thrive, whether by putting on events, sponsoring riders, or generally assisting the community. None of it would be possible without the support from you.

With years of experience as a skateboarder, traveling the world to check out street spots, skate shops, and meeting the locals, we bring you the dopest collection of brands, from international to underground, spanning the globe.

When it comes to skateboarding, as Jake Phelps said, "Skateboarding doesn't owe you shit. It owes you wheel bite in the rain." We all do it because we love it. We keep the passion going from generation to generation, and it's from that passion that new ideas come to life. Got a project in mind? Maybe you're looking to collaborate, or perhaps you just want some simple advice? Click the button below, and let's make it happen.