A fundamental component for any skateboard consists of 8 bearings. At Moose Skate Shop, we carry a variety of brands and price points, each serving the common purpose of securely fastening and facilitating the rotation of wheels on the truck's axle. Skate bearings are typically sold in sets of 8, unless specified otherwise, and are designed in a standard size compatible with all the wheels and trucks we offer.

There isn't much to consider when purchasing a set of bearings. While most skateboarding brands have good intentions, using ABEC as a marketing tactic to sell skateboard bearings ultimately makes no difference to the speed your wheels spin. In fact, some of the top bearing brands today do not use ABEC ratings. However, we will tell you for free that the cheaper the bearing, the more likely it is to break, potentially leaving you in a miserable state if you find yourself stranded at a skatepark without a spare.