• All Aboard “Train Wreck” Video Premier

    Last night we hosted a night of entertainment, showcasing not 1, not 2 not even 3 but 4 brand new skate videos! First to kick things off was the Do...
  • Last Resort AB X Spitfire Wheels

    Last Resort know how to keep the fire burning!  They have teamed up with Spitfire wheels to bring you this limited edition capsule featuring rendit...
  • Festival De BosCannes

    Attendees traveled from far and wide for this elegant event hosted on the luxurious Christchurch Road, skateboard and filmmaking stars were in their element and…
  • King of Kings - FUNDRAISER !

    King of Kings Fundraiser - RECAP
  • DC Shoes X Skateboard Cafe

    DC Shoes X Cafe - Kalis OG & Clocker 2 'Lloyds' Pack
  • Skateboard Bearings

    You may be wondering: 'How do I remove / insert skateboard bearings?'
  • Skateboards For Kids (Ages 5-13)

    Questions about buying a setup for your littler ones? Click Below!

    Santa popped in to stock up the store with all your favourite skate products and have a lil ride on the shop ramp.  Shhhh, don't let those reindeer...
  • Black Friday

    ⚫ Black Friday SALES  ⚫
  • Skateboard Griptape

    Ever wondered how the skateboard just seems to 'stick to the feet'?  Well, thats down to (in the most part) the 'Griptape'.  Griptape is the name g...
  • What Makes A Skateboard Truck?

    Wonder what makes up your skateboard truck?
  • Skateparks In Dorset

    A chronicling of all the skateparks in the local area!