Collection: BOLTS

Ensure your skateboard is complete with a set of 8 bolts. These countersunk bolts seamlessly fit into the drilled holes on the deck, passing through the openings in the truck baseplate. With just a few twists of a nut, your skateboard is securely assembled. While the task may be straightforward, it is crucial, and there are a couple of factors to contemplate when selecting. The main factor in selecting your bolts is the length. Bolts typically come in 1" and 7/8". The 1" option will fit most skateboard decks and trucks, while the 7/8" may be a bit tight. If you use risers, consider opting for even longer bolts to compensate for the increased space between your baseplate and deck. The other factor to consider is whether the bolts are Allen Key or a Phillips head. Whichever you choose, make sure you have the correct tool with you when setting up.