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GX1000 'Michael Jang Bridge Collection' - 5 Deck Collection

GX1000 'Michael Jang Bridge Collection' - 5 Deck Collection

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Michael Jang (Born 1951) has spent a lifetime documenting the world around him from a decidedly eclectic perspective. Ranging from 1970s Hollywood to the San Francisco punk scene to his own eccentric family, Jang's takes on "American culture" focus on the textures of living in a vibrant world rife with humor and curiosity.

In recent years he has gained acclaim due to his passion for wheat pasting his archival works across the streets fo San Francisco.

Here is an exert form an interview with Alex Nicholson from Juxtapose magazine

AN: It’s been fascinating to watch everything you’ve been up to the last few years. Before you seemed content with sharing images from your archives but now you’re pasting these photographs from the 70s all over San Francisco.

MJ: It's backward in the sense that I'm already in museums with my fine art photography and now I'm hitting the streets. And now it’s gone full circle from the streets back to the museum! I don't know what to say about it except that it's fun and I'm in a completely different creative space when I'm doing it.

AN: There's always been a lot of playfulness in your photography. This all seems to be coming from the same place.

MJ: Totally, I've always been mischievous. I like screwing around with people, throwing 'em off. I'm just a goof. So while I'm not taking pictures anymore or breaking into events with a fake press pass like I did when I was younger, I still have that same method of operation when I'm working on the streets. There's an adrenaline rush that comes with the unknown.

■ Artwork by Michael Jang
■ Sold as a 5 board set
■ 8.25, 8.35, 8.625, 8.5, 8.75
■ Dipped Boards

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