What Makes A Skateboard Truck?

What Makes A Skateboard Truck?

What Makes A Skateboard Truck?

A skateboard truck is the metal part of the skateboard that allows you to turn, pivot and grind.  It is made up of 6 Components;

Axel Hanger (Various Sizes) - This is the 'Top' part of the truck which the wheels are attached to each end.  This is also the part of the truck which is used to grind on.

Base Plate - This is the 'bottom' part of the truck which is used to attach the truck to the skateboard deck.   

Bushings (Top & Bottom) -  The bushings are the 'rubber' (in fact they are commonly made of a silicone compound) which sit between the hanger and the baseplate.  They allow the skater to turn the skateboard left and right when applying pressure.  

Kingpin Bolt - This is the bolt which holds the elements of the truck together.

Pivot Cups - The pivot cup is a small silicone/ plastic element which sits in the baseplate and allows the truck hanger to pivot

Nuts for each end of the Axel Hanger and Kingpin bolt.  Trucks also use metal washers.

Trucks are always sold in pairs, When choosing a truck size the aim of the game is to find an Axel width which matches the width of the skateboard deck.  This way the wheels will sit flush with the edges of the skateboard.  If the wheels are poking out the sides too much or are too 'inside' the skateboard it's more likely that you could fall and hurt yourself.  So for example if my deck size is 8.25 (eight and a quarter inches wide) I could go for an 'Independent' Truck in the size of '144'.

Understanding truck sizes can be confusing as each brand has their own way of sizing each model, but rest assured, each brand essentially offers similar sizes which have been designed around the most popular skateboard widths!  If you're unsure its best to consult a truck size chart which can be easily found online and we have also provided images here.  You can also use a tape measure to check the sizes and of course the staff at your local skater owned skate shop will be able to help you with any further queries.  

Trucks can be solid or hollow, either kingpin, axel or both. They can also be made of various materials depending on brand and manufacturer.

Kingpins (the main nut and bolt of your truck) can also come in different designs, depending on brand some kingpins will be Hex Nut, Alun Key, Star Drive, or Inverted. However most companies stick to the Hex Nut kingpin.

Top Truck Brands Include - Independent, Ace, Venture and Thunder.

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