Skateboards For Kids (Ages 5-13)

Is This Skateboard Right For My Child?

This may be a question you may be asking yourself when first looking up getting a proper skateboard setup for your child.

The first and easiest way to establish whats best for the soon to be skater is to size up the Skateboard Deck (Which can be purchased from us now online!) and from this point it's plain sailing!  As a general rule of thumb we would suggest that as your height and shoe size gets bigger, so should the width of your skate deck.

With truck size charts we can find the perfect Trucks to match your chosen skateboard size.  Wheels come in a range of shapes, sizes and hardnesses.  For beginners learning to skate inside skatepark facilities we recommend a wheel size between 52-56mm diameter and between 99-100 durometer  (hardness).  Skateboard Bearings come in a universal size and can be fitted into all wheels on the market.  As a general rule, the bearings which are more expensive will spin faster and be more hardwearing over time.  

Once you've selected all of these available parts, it's time to grab some Bolts (to hold it all together) and Griptape and put all of these parts together and you will have a brand new Complete Skateboard.  Its a good point to note we always supply FREE griptape with deck sales so if you are purchasing a board from us it will be included in your delivery.  

To make things even easier we also have a selection of custom built, price point complete skateboards which our team have specially designed with younger skaters in mind.  You can browse complete skateboards HERE