Moose x Nasty Craft

Moose x Nasty Craft

We have a brand new original shop board out! 

In collaboration with Dorset brand Nasty Craft, the graphic pays homage to the great Neil Blender and his G&S pro model.  

Heres what the man behind Nasty Craft, Spencer Lee had to say about his creative process:

"I explained to my son Max that you’d (Darwin, Moose) asked after a graphic, he said “why don’t you do a moose driving a car” I explained I always do cars but then thought I could do an interior view. Did that and the front view after. The interior view I recalled an old photo (taken by O Rest in peace) of Blender at the wheel of his Volvo. Similar perspective to Blenders graphic for G&S so ripped that a tad. Blender drew the graphic was actually Eric Nash driving his Mustang 5.0. But a moose should drive a Cadillac.

Probably more inspired by the photo than the graphic but a bit of a mix of the two."

Each board has been individually hand printed by master printer and skater Tommy Fachiri, no two are identical! Colours and veneers vary.

Popsicle Widths

8.25" / 8.375" / 8.5" / 8.75" / 9"

8.75 'Torpedo' Shape

Length: 32" // Width: 8.75" (widest point) // Wheel Base: 14" // Nose 7" // Tail: 7"

8.625 'P9' Shape

Length: 31.75" // Width: 8.625" (widest point) // Wheel Base: 14.5" // Nose 6.75" // Tail: 6.5"


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