King of Kings 2020

King of Kings 2020

In this time of uncertainty I would like to extend my gratitude to you for shopping with us.  Moose is a 100% Skater owned and operated independent business and it's your support which allows us to nourish the skateboard scene in Dorset and the South.  

Without further ado we're pleased to present the official King of Kings Video recap from Dorset Mush.  Shout out to all the legends that made the weekend such a success, we love you all!  A big big thank you to Danny Bulmer for organising the event.  #NathanHeardIsKingsPark

Tommy Fachiri - Fs Indy ~ Photo: Gavin Swaffield

Tommy Fachiri - Fs Air ~ Photo: Gavin Swaffield

Alfie Mills - Indy - Ring of Fire ~ Photo: Gavin SwaffieldAlfie Mills - Indy - Ring of Fire ~ Photo: Gavin Swaffield
King of Kings Video 2020
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