Keen Dist. Industry Skate Jam

Keen Dist. Industry Skate Jam

Here are our clips from Keen Distribution's industry invitational skate jam. Big up Keen for organising and Pitt St. skatepark for hosting.

Skaters in order of appearance: Conor Charleson, Carlisle Aikens, Yuyu Rosemary, Pete Case, Kizzy Yuill, Mani Haddon, Casper Brooker, Charlie Munro, Sol Wells, Louie Jennings, Same Grimes, Fraser Doughty & Toby Quick.

Filmed on 21.02.24 by Darwin

Rosemary - BS Flip - Photo: Sharp

Carlisle Aikens - FS Heelflip - Photo: Kingsford

Conor Charleson - Tre Flip - Photo: Sharp

Kizzy Yuill - Ollie - Photo: Kingsford


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