Festival De BosCannes

Festival De BosCannes

Last night we hosted Boscombe’s first ever skateboard film festival! The ‘Festival De BosCannes’ and what a success it was. Attendees traveled from far and wide for this elegant event hosted on the luxurious Christchurch Road, skateboard and filmmaking stars were in their element and the paparazzi had a field day! 

Perhaps unsurprisingly the ‘Bone Dogs’ cleaned up the awards taking home the award for creativity, most lit vibes and the prestigious ‘Palme d’OrSome’ 

Other notable videos of the night included a rambunctious entry from All Aboard and a screening of Dino Coce’s Croatian masterpiece ‘Finta’

Also I must mention our fabulous sponsors at the Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe who’s dedication to the arts in Dorset is unrivalled.

Thank you to all entries and attendees and we look forward to seeing you again next time. 

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